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So, you have your business idea locked in and have a solid plan in place. Next step is to get your business online and seen by your ideal clients. To do this you will need a creative website name also known as a domain.
Creative Website Name

If you’re thinking you would like to use a creative website name rather than your own name, follow through these easy steps below to get yourself the perfect domain address:

1. Brainstorm

The best way to come up with an impressive website name is to brainstorm, play around with your ideas and get some feedback from your ideal client.

One way to quickly come up with some variations of an idea is to use a thesaurus online. I like to type in a word that suits the vibe or message and see what other options I have.

Keep your phone notes handy because the perfect name can strike at any time!

I’ve honestly had some of the best ideas come to me randomly whilst relaxing.

2. Keep it simple

Your website name should be short, sharp and easy to remember.

You want your potential clients to be able to find you easily without having to type in a long and or hard to spell website address.

Remember that you’re also going to use this name at the end of your email address also.

So, while may sound good in theory it would not be easy to remember and a pain for your client to type for emails and search engines.

3.  Use keywords (if possible)
If you want to score a free search engine advantage then it might be worth considering using a keyword or keywords in your website name.

An example of this would be

While it can be a good strategy to incorporate one or two keywords into your website name it is important to also consider your brand message and to make sure you’re communicating the right message to your visitors.

It is best to avoid choosing keywords for the sake of including keywords if it doesn’t make sense for your brand.

If it does make sense for your brand or the keyword is in your website name, then go for it!

4. Be unique

Try to steer clear of picking a name that sounds similar to any of the competitors names in the market.

You want to stand out and not blend into all the noise or even worse, have your client mistake your business for someone else’s!

Pick a strong, memorable & creative website name that communicates your offering and makes an impression.

5. Check if the name is available

There are heaps of websites out there to check domain name availability. I like this startup name check – because it also shows if the name is available on social media platforms as well. Another that works great and displays names for sale is

If the name is not available, you can search for variations of the name by altering it or adding a hyphen between the words. I would avoid using numbers and most symbols where possible.

If most of your clients will live locally you can consider a country-based extension. An example of this is in Australia the extension of local businesses is

These extensions tend to perform better for local business when compared to just a .com address because google will see these websites as being more relevant.

6. Get your hands on the domain quick smart!

When I was picking the name for my business, I honestly found it super hard to not only think of catchy options but to find anything available with a .com extension.

It was a roller coaster of emotions. From getting excited about one and being like yes this is it! To the disappointment of damn it, it’s taken.

I bet I went through at least 50 options and variations before finally going back to one of my first names that I had come up with a week prior.

I had to remind myself not to over complicate things and just commit to one name.

My advice is if you find a creative website name that you like, and it is available, get it registered asap! If you wait too long, it might mean that you have to go back to the drawing board.

I hope that’s not the case and you score the perfect name for your biz!

Author: Jemma Wiltshire

Author: Jemma Wiltshire

Hey, I'm Jemma! I teach website design for go-getters who want to start an online business and live a freedom filled life.

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