7 Ways to Increase Traffic to Your Website

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If you increase traffic to your website it will grow your business and pool of potential buyers or clients. So it is super important to implement a few traffic strategies and not have all your eggs in one basket. Below I’ve covered 7 easy ways to gain more traffic so read on!
1. High Value Content

It is absolutely crucial that you promote high value content that is relevant and interesting! There is no point in spending hours creating content if no one is going to read what you have produced.

Think about what your audience and ideal client is truly fascinated by or what might be challenging them. Ask yourself what will get their attention and how can I help them.

If you’re all out of blog post ideas you could revisit an out-dated post and give it a revamp. Make it more stimulating or inspiring, improve the SEO and then start promoting it.

Another great approach is to create useful free resources, videos, cheat sheets or workbooks and host these on your website for more clicks.

2. Research Competitors

Must read – This one is golden!
If you want to increase traffic to your website a great way to identify traffic sources is to research your competitors traffic and I’ve got a fantastic free tool recommendation for you!

Jump onto Similar Web to view traffic sources and lots of other insights also.

There are plenty of paid SEO subscriptions out there like SEMrush that will give you a bit more info but to get you started similar web is awesome!

3. Social Media

Now before you’re like social media, yeah duh! Hear me out!

How many posts are you actually using to generate traffic to your website?

Probably not many, right? So make sure your posting with purpose.

It is great to have different purpose for different post types but make sure you do create content or offers that generate interest and push people to your website.

For example you could host a giveaway where people need to sign up to enter on your website.

Or you could give some upfront value or insight to get people interested and then ask them to read or learn more on your website.

4. Free Listings

Signing up for free listings is literally one of the easiest ways to build your website’s trust score and increase traffic to your website.

If you don’t have a Google my Business account sign up, add your logo, images and a description.

Then when people search for you, you appear in the Google sidebar, nice and big too! Also if you have a location you can get a pinpoint marker on the map.

If you do a simple search online for free listing directories you will find a heap you can sign up for. Defiantly make the most of these and start building your online presence.

5. Blog SEO

To level up your blog posts you need to be strategic with your page layout, content and design.

First, make sure that you have written content above the fold to get visitors reading. Defiantly avoid waffling on in your intro just to increase your word count (it’s a quick way to lose the visitor).

To improve your SEO ensure that your content is shareable. You can implement this by using social media icons or asking the viewer within the content to share by including a link.

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Including internal and external links in your blog posts is key. As this is a ranking factor please make sure you don’t skip this.

There are simple ways to include internal links like have a recent or popular posts section in your sidebar.

External links are a bit more tricky but you might recommend another website or you can even direct people to visit one of your social media pages in the closing line. You will see I do this quite often.

6. Improve DA

To rank well in search engines you need to consistently build your website and it’s domain authority (DA) score.

There are lots of ranking factors but domain authority is one of the most crucial.

To build your domain authority you need to have a strategy for increasing backlinks your website and improve your overall SEO.

Now building backlinks is very difficult but it is easier when you niche down and create valuable content that people want to share.

Building backlinks should be a continuous, long-term part of your business strategy but think quality over quantity.

Implementing on-page SEO and overall SEO improvements will help increase your domain authority quickly and easily so it best to start there.

7. Retargeting

Facebook retargeting is a super effective, low cost way to warm up your potential buyers and encourage them to revisit your website.

By setting up a Facebook business manager account you have the ability to create a retargeting “Pixel”.

The pixel is placed into the backend of your website. Once installed it records any of the visitors that scroll through your site and the exact pages they view.

You can then create ads that target these visitors or visitors that viewed a particular page.

For example you may want to offer a special discount to people that viewed your checkout page but didn’t buy.

This type of marketing is super cost effective because the audience is small/targeted and usually has great results because the buyer is already somewhat interested in your product or offering.

I hope this article was easy to follow and that these 7 ways to increase traffic to your website will help you gain visits. I’d love to hear if you have had success with any strategies that I haven’t mentioned.

If you have any questions you can book a call here or drop by my insta and send a DM. I love to connect and chat with like-minded go-getters!

Author: Jemma Wiltshire

Author: Jemma Wiltshire

Hey, I'm Jemma! I teach website design for go-getters who want to start an online business and live a freedom filled life.

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